March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites!!!

Hi!!!! Can I tell you how nice it has been here this week??
It has been in the 60's!! Luke and I went for a walk the other day and as soon as he saw that stroller come out of the closet he kept saying "sit down, sit down"
He was so excited to get out he just kept talking and talking (toddler language) and he pointed out the trucks and the birds!! It was so nice to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine!!! We have a dance birthday party to go to tomorrow for my nieces which should be alot of fun too!!! 
So now on to the good stuff!!! I really try not to sound like a spokesperson here but it's hard so bear with me, ok?

First I wanted to show you THESE  photo pencils from

 Aren't they cute?? I think these would be great as a favor at a birthday party!!!

How about THESE Tea Tags from

I just thought these were the cutest!! These would be cute for grandparents or just to surprise your little one!!!

THIS  Family Face Button Box is beautiful!!
 I found it over at Stories by Me and you should totally check out this blog!! She has all kinds of cute photo gifts!!! You know I love it!!!

How about some Peep S'Mores from

The Gaines Gang

 These look so yummy and they look cute in the jar too!!

Go and check out these great blogs, you won't be sorry!!!

Oh yeah, and I finally found a Wii Fit Plus!!! It should be shipped today so the search is over!!!! Yeah!!!! 
I hope you all have a great weekend and have some fun!!!! I know we're planning on it!!!


Miller Racing Family said...

The peep s'mores look wonderful. Both my brother and I are huge peep fans. In fact my mother still gets us each a box for Easter.
Hope you keep having great weather this weekend!

Kelee said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for stopping by! So pleased to meet you! Love your blog...those pencils are wonderful! Luke looks like a total doll! How blessed you are!

love, kelee at