May 16, 2012

Boon Sippy Cup and Snack Container Review!

I am always on the lookout for better products for us to use. This includes products that make our everyday life easier. I love to find that one product that takes some frustration out of my day. Boon Inc. has some great products that do just that!

Boon offers everything from toy organizers like the Whale Pod

To awesome night lights like the Glo (totally want this!)

I was so excited to receive a couple of their new products to try out!

There's nothing worse than having a purse full of crumbled snacks spilling out of tired plastic baggies. Caterpillar Stack lets you keep all your snacks safe and intact while on-the-go. The snack lid lets little hands in but keeps treats where they belong, which is not on the floor of your car.

Swig would look good in a design museum or thrown in the backseat of your car. But it's not just a looker, it's a doer. It gets your child accustomed to drinking with its ergonomic, easy to grip shape and fun straw or spout options. And the lids are totally interchangeable, so you can mix and match on-the-go.

My Thoughts

Swig Sippy Cup:
Sippy cups are the one thing that I am picky about. I will search the store, and turn the package every which way to see what kind of valve it has and make sure it meets my approval before I purchase a sippy cup. I had never seen the Swig before, and I was very impressed when I took it out of the package.
The design is great, definitely unique and very cool looking. I love that it has a lid that it attached, so when not in use it stays clean and sanitary. The soft tip is great for transitioning from bottle to sippy, and I love the colors too! Luke was very excited to try out his new sippy cup, and I think he was most impressed with the fact that it had a lid.
When washing this cup, I loved that it was one piece and there was no valve. Cleaning the valves and small spaces on sippy cups is the one single thing I hate about doing dishes. I'm not quite sure why there has to be so many nooks and cranny's. I didn't find this with the Swig, all I had to do was simply pop out the rubber piece and it was easy to clean. If I could change one thing about this it would be that the bottom was a bit bigger so that I could get my hand into it to clean it. Just make sure you have a bottle cleaner to reach to the bottom.

Caterpillar Snack Container:
What is there not to love about this cute snack container? I love the colors, and I love the cute design. I also love that the openings are easy enough for Luke to get out his own snacks. I am especially impressed with the fact that we can carry three different kinds of snacks with us, as this has three separate compartments for our snacks. If you have more than one child, then each child could have their own compartment, and their own special snack. This is very easy to clean too!

If you want to check these and the other awesome products offered from Boon, you can visit their website, or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

I received the mentioned products for review purposes only and no other compensation was received. These are my own honest opinions.