June 10, 2012

Be A Gluten Free Party Host

May was National Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and with that Frito-Lay is helping to spread the word about this disease.

One in 133 Americans has celiac disease – a lifetime condition that requires those who are diagnosed to completely remove gluten from their diet. This can be a difficult transition for many, as gluten is found in several commonly used ingredients making it even harder for those who are unfamiliar with this intolerance to determine what can and cannot be served.

There are many of Frito-Lay snacks that are gluten free and they are helping to make it easier to identify their gluten free products by adding a "GF" icon to those that are gluten free. This will help so many who suffer from Celiac disease, but still want to enjoy tasty snacks.

Here are some tips from Chef Ngoc Trinh: research Chef Consultant for Frito-Lay:

Carefully read labels
Stick to the Staples: Be sure to use gluten free grains. Most fruits and vegetables are safe, but beware of dressings and sauces that contain gluten. Make fruit dips with yogurt and honey, and salad dressing with oil and vinegar
Party Like a Pro: Purchase gluten free crackers, breads, and pizza crusts to pair with cheeses, dips, and spreads for guests. For a creative touch, use fresh spring rolls made with rice paper to roll up your favorite salad components!

Some Go-To Staples:
Corn Flour and Corn Meal
Nuts and Corn Flakes
GF Hamburger Buns and Pizza Crusts

It can be tricky to host a party when you have guests that require gluten free foods. You want them to be safe and enjoy the party. Frito-Lay suggests incorporating place cards so guests can easily identify each dish and determine if it’s gluten-free. Use descriptive titles that incorporate ingredients so guests know exactly what to expect. They also suggest using color coordinating condiment bowls, utensils, and serving pieces to eliminate the hazards of cross-contamination between gluten-free and non-gluten-free foods.

Frito-Lay provided me with a bag of Tostitos Scoops and a bag of Lays potato chips, along with multi-colored serving bowls with spoons for dips, and a serving tray so that I could throw my own gluten free party.

With having a memorial day cook out to attend, I decided that would be the perfect time to use the gluten free products as my contribution. I served the Tostitos and Lays potato chips with french onion dip and salsa, along with fresh celery and carrots.

I used the serving bowls and chalkboard place cards to keep my foods separated, and mark exactly what was in each bowl, in case there were any gluten free guests attending.

Not only was this a beautiful presentation, but I felt good that, just maybe I was making it easier on any guests suffering from Celiac disease.

I plan on always keeping in mind that, even at birthday parties or holiday get togethers, it's important to keep food allergies and special diets in mind.

Frito-Lay provided me with this package to help spread the word about Celiac disease and their gluten free products. No other compensation was received and these are my own honest opinions.


Miller Racing Family said...

I have some friends with this problem, so this was a great post to read. Hope all is well with your family. Have a great day!