January 30, 2013

Simple Xpressions Hand Stamped Jewelry Review!

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, and finding the perfect gift for that someone special in your life is high on your priority list. But, you don't have to just purchase a gift for your significant other, why not give a gift to a best friend, your mom, or even your child! Or how about buying yourself something special, no need to go empty handed just because you're single! Whoever your buying a gift for this year, custom jewelry is always a perfect way to go!

Simple Xpressions offers so many beautiful pieces that you will have a hard time deciding which one you want the most!

I love all kinds of custom jewelry, to me there is no sense in wearing jewelry if it doesn't have a special meaning behind it. 

Simple Xpressions offers high quality, custom jewelry that will be made to suit your needs, with the special meaning that anyone would love.

I had so much fun browsing their selection and found so many things that I loved.

This Tree of Life necklace is so beautiful!

You even get birthstones!

They have hand stamped rings too!

This is perfect for your child's name, birthdate or even a special word or saying!

If jewelry isn't your thing, they offer hand stamped keychains as well!

I was lucky enough to receive a ring and a bracelet to review! 

My Thoughts
Like I've said before, I'm in love with custom jewelry, whether it is jewelry with a photo, or with a name, I love to wear things that are special to me, and that have a special meaning behind them.

Working with Simple Xpressions has been a treat, and they made sure that I got just what I wanted. 

For the ring, I chose a spinner ring which has two pieces, one of which spins around the other. 

 The ring is high quality, and you can tell just by holding it that it is going to last a long time. They did a really great job with the stamping, and I love that it has a special meaning for me. The letters are dark so that you can see them very well, and the font is perfect! 

I had this sized to be thumb ring, and it fits just right. I love how it looks! I think it looks perfect as a thumb ring, but also looks great on my middle finger too.

I received the cuff bracelet as well!

I was really excited about this, and it took me awhile to decide what I wanted to have stamped on it. I couldn't make my mind up if I wanted it to be something relevant to Luke, or if I wanted to have it stamped with one of my favorite quotes. 

In the end I decided to go with the quote, which is Proverbs 31:25. I wasn't sure if it would all fit, but with the skill from the people at Simple Xpressions, they got it all to fit. 

Much to my surprise they even stamped Proverbs 31:25 on the inside of the bracelet as well! It's kind of hard to see in the picture but the font matches the font that was used on the outside of the bracelet, and it's dark colored too. 

You can tell how high quality that these pieces are, and I love that they will last a long, long time. I couldn't be happier with the ring and bracelet I received and I'm sure that anyone who would receive either of these as a gift will be over the moon about them!

You can connect with Simple Xpressions on their Facebook page and their Twitter page!

Be on the lookout, on Friday one of my readers will have the chance to win their own piece of hand stamped jewelry from Simple Xpressions! Stay tuned!!!

I received the mentioned products for review purposes only and no other compensation was received. These are my own honest opinions.


Jill Nelson said...

my husband and I have matching bands and necklaces from this company and we LOVE them. Great to work with and quality products

Amy Reed said...

I love the rings! My husband and I both lost 40 lbs each so our rings no longer fit us (we have titanium bands that can not be resized). These would make beautiful replacements for our wedding rings!

polly said...

love the bracelet and love their variety

Mikki said...

I love the bracelet and the hand stamped rings. Kinda makes you feel young again with you and your favorite having the same ring with each other's name on it. makes you feel closer to the person when you're away from them.

courtney erickson said...

i love hand stamped jewelry and am so happy to have discovered this company.i love the idea of the rings. definitely on my wishlist!

Marti Parks said...

I absolutely love the hand stamped rings!

Karla said...

So cool! I love that the ring spins and is stamped with something meaningful. And the bracelet is very pretty. I'd love to have one of those too!

desitheblonde said...

lucky you ilike the braclet it look like a pow braclet

Lauren Roch said...

I LOVE the stamped rings and the birthstone options :)

Dianna said...

Oh my gosh-- more choices-- I love it all the Tree of life is my favorite--with all my kids

Tracy said...

Tree of Life necklace... what a perfect Mother's Day gift.
Tracy Awalt Juliano

judy gardner said...

i really like the ring and the bracelet


Southern Stamped Jewelry said...

really love the beautiful hand stamped ring you will definitely on my top wishlist of purchase.