January 31, 2013

The Sassy Apple~Hand Stamped Jewelry Review!

Most people think that Valentine's Day is only for couples. That's not true. You can celebrate Valentine's with anyone that you love. It doesn't have to be a huge downer, you can make the most of it. If your a single mom, you can celebrate with your kids! Why not make a special dinner, use special plates and silver wear, make each other handmade cards, or sit down with some popcorn and watch a movie! Just because you aren't a part of a couple, most definitely doesn't mean that someone doesn't think  your special...your kids do! And, why not give yourself something special as a gift! Or if you're friends with a single mom, why not give her a gift? Trust me, you will make her day!

A piece of hand stamped jewelry is a great gift for a single mom. Most of the time, her kids are her world, so why not give her something to help her show that off?

The Sassy Apple has so many amazing things to choose from that you will be sure to find something that will be perfect, for someone else, or for yourself!

I could spend hours looking at everything that The Sassy Apple has to offer. I love so many things in their shop, it's hard to pick a favorite. I'm a sucker for hand stamped jewelry, and for photo jewelry, and they offer both!

I'm absolutely in love with the Mini Photo Charm!

This tiny photo charm necklace is the perfect way to celebrate, honor or remember someone special. From new moms to anniversaries to birthdays and memorial gifts, this precious charm keeps loved ones close to your heart. 

Or how about the Guardian Angel Car Charm

We take great care to design and glaze this one-of-a-kind designer gift. After you download your photo, we take two days to hand-glaze and cure it in the hanging charm so that it creates a glossy, glassy finish that will last for years to come. 

Another one of my favorites is The Happy Heart Silver Handstamped Necklace!

The Happy Heart is a combination oxidized sterling silver pendant and a hand stamped sterling silver disc. As part of our designer series, this is a fabulous piece of jewelry that makes a stunning gift. We stamp each name one precious letter at a time. Heart pendant has .925 sterling silver markings on back.

I could go on and on about the other beautiful pieces of jewelry that The Sassy Apple has to offer. I have to say that I'm in love with the photo jewelry and  had a hard time deciding which piece of jewelry that I wanted to review.

In the end I received three pieces of jewelry to review...I couldn't believe my eyes when the box came! It was better than Christmas!

I received the "Love Thy Mother" necklace, their new photo ring "My One and Only", and the Baby Steps necklace!

My Thoughts

As I said before, I was like a kid in a candy store when my box from The Sassy Apple came in the mail.

First off, I can't get over the packaging! It was extremely nice, and made the little boxes feel all the more special. This packaging is definitely something that you wouldn't have to wrap if giving it for a gift. The box is just perfect in it's own.

The first thing that I opened was the photo ring. This ring is being called "My One and Only" and is just beautiful.

This ring is just the right size to be worn on any finger, I like mine on my middle finger, and it adjustable too. I like that the adjustment is behind the photo, so you can't tell it's adjustable unless you are really looking for it. 

The photo quality is great, and looks true to my picture. I love silver jewelry, and this goes with anything that I wear. I love having a smile on my face every time that I look down and see my baby's smiling face...not to mention I can show off how cute he is!

The next box I opened was the "Love Thy Mother" necklace. This is a hand stamped necklace, that comes with either the mother's birthstone, or a Mother of Pearl sterling wrapped pearl. It can be stamped with the mother's name or the children's names. 

Mine is stamped with both mine and Luke's name, and the word love. It's a domed necklace, and is amazing. I know sometimes when you order "handmade" you worry about the quality, but this is such a great piece and I can not express enough how professional and beautiful that each one is. 

Inside the box, as a special little surprise is a card that is laminated and has "A Mother's Love" poem written on it, on the other side has "Mary Love Luke". I thought this was such a great way to go the extra mile. A company that takes the time and thought to add something so small but so special, is high above the rest. 

The last box that I opened was the Baby Steps necklace. This necklace is a dainty rectangle with a baby footprint and initial stamped on it. It also comes with a birthstone. 

I think my favorite thing about this necklace is that it is so tiny. It's smaller than a dime, and I just love how delicate it is. Don't get me wrong, this is not  something that is "dainty" in the way that it's going to fall apart, but dainty in the way that it's cute, with just enough special meaning and representation.

Both of these necklaces come with a box chain, which you can choose to either be shiny or darkened. Mine are shiny, and compliment the charms perfectly. And yes, I am impressed with the fact that these come with a box chain, and not a ball chain like a lot of hand stamped jewelry does. This sets this jewelry apart from the others, as in it looks professional, and 100% gift giving worthy!

I can't say enough about how impressed I am with this jewelry and The Sassy Apple. I highly recommend ordering from them, whether it is to give a gift, or just for yourself. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself once in awhile! 

Colleen at The Sassy Apple is an amazing person. Working with her on this has been a true pleasure, she is amazing! I know that whatever you order from The Sassy Apple, will be the one of a kind, special treat that you were looking for.

You can connect with The Sassy Apple on their Facebook page and their Twitter page!

Be on the lookout, because tomorrow you will be able to enter to win your own piece of custom jewelry from The Sassy Apple! Stay tuned!!!

I received the mentioned product for review purposes only and no other compensation was received. These are my own, honest opinions.


Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

i love the one with the footprint. so sweet

Jill Nelson said...

I looove all of these!

Amy Reed said...

I love the "Love Thy Mother" necklace - think it would be a great gift for a any mommy or grandma even!

polly said...

i love hand stamped jewelry i have a necklace and just love it

Mikki said...

I love the photo ring. So unusual. I see it on pendants but this is the first time I saw it on a ring.It's even more personal when you have it hanndstamped with your loved one's initials.

courtney erickson said...

i am in love with the ring! i have never seen a photo ring before.so cool! and the quality of the photo in te jewelry is incredible! i will definitely be checking them out.thank you!

Marti Parks said...

The baby steps necklace is so beautiful.

Karla said...

The pieces you received are so beautiful and I love the special meaning behind them all! The domed mommy necklace is my favorite.

Racquel S said...

So sweet-love all the options!

desitheblonde said...

ilike the way you do the jewerly and then it stands out

Lauren Roch said...

I love their jewelry! The pieces w/photos are wondeful.

Dianna said...

wow so many to pick from--they are beautiful--thanks for sharing this-- I love the Baby Step pendant-- I think any new mommy would

Tracy said...

I am in love with the Happy Heart necklace.
Tracy Awalt Juliano

judy gardner said...

i love the ring! and being singe, i appreciate you pointing out that valentines day doesnt have to be just for couples!


Karla said...

Hi! Haven't heard from you in a while. I hope all is well!